A little hiatus, back in the new year

So as you’ve noticed I’ve been absent from my blog and from the internets. Sometimes I need a break from the whole internet to recharge and reinvent the blog.  Part of this has been that I’m writing my new classes (3 of them swwwweeeeet) and I simply don’t have time between the DayJob, the Zine, and course development to devote as much time as I would like to the blog. I try not to post stuff that isn’t well thought out and my mind is eye-ball deep in course development and I have trouble thinking of anything else. Shifting gears is hard when the mind is a jumble of so much stuff.

That being said, my devotion to making a good, well planned and well thought out course is what is causing me to hit the skids on the blog. I’ll be back in January with a plan, Stan; hopefully it will be one everyone likes to some extent.

I’ve also been on winter vacation from UStream. With my studio being cold, the Dayjob hours picking up due to the holidays, and other various stuff; I haven’t been able to make a plan for it that I like. When I go back to it I will not be broadcasting EVERY week, rather I’ll go to a once a month or every other week format. Why? It was stressing me out. On days I wasn’t able to broadcast I’d get a bunch of offensive tweets that made me not want to do the broadcast ever again. It's not cool to threaten suicide because someone can't broadcast. I started doing the UStream because it was fun, suddenly it got a whole lot less fun. When I go back it will be with certain rules for the chat. I’m not putting up with rudeness or harassment of any sort, period. Anyone who partakes in fighting will be blocked, both parties. Anyone who is rude will be blocked. Anyone who gives me a hard time via twitter/FB or chat will be blocked; banned for life. I'm not going to warn people either, behave or get out. Life is too short to deal with ridiculous shenanigans in a damn chat. I’ll try it out for a month or 2 if I’m still feeling irritated by UStream I’m done with it except for classes.

So I've made a few plans for when I come back, the first show will be showing you how to make the midori traveller knock off. The next will be exploring some simple pamphlet binding options. After that I'm still up in the air for what I'll be doing. I think you'll notice I'll be doing a lot more bookbinding on my show in addition to the usual art journaling.