Do I even have a top 5? Should I make these so they are all the same size? How do I rate these? For now it’s based on the notebooks I’m currently using, I might change it up. We’ll see.

BanditApple Carnet PeeWee. What makes this one tops? Stitched binding. Awesome paper. 64 pages. I might have a subscription to Field Notes but I order these directly from the manufacturer in lots of 10. I typically fill one per month with drawings.

Field Notes. Simple and sturdy with no frills, well except that Shelterwood edition, but let’s not discuss that. I like that once a season I get 2 more packs in the mail. I use these neat little notebooks to house my shopping list, to do lists, catch ideas and phone numbers, as well as for quick journaling.

Word. I just purchased my first 3-pack of these babies and I’m pleased with the paper but hate the bullet points and ruling. The covers are sturdy and they offer “limited editions” of neat prints. I use these the same way I use my Field Notes.

Staples Composition Notebooks, college ruled. Only the Made in Brazil books, the rest are crap. I get them in bulk when back to school season is in swing for about $1 each. I use one per class in grad school. They are super sturdy, stitched binding and the paper is okay for some fountain pens and inks, they are great with pencils.

Yoobi Thin Notebooks. These brightly colored soft covered notebooks carved out a special place in my heart when I tested them out with a Staedtler Wopex and it was a match made in heaven. I also tested them with a variety of my currently inked fountain pens and was pleasantly surprised at how well they paired. I wish these were made in a pocket size as well as their large composition book size. Yoobi also makes a nice composition book