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After writing my User, Collector, or Stockpiler series I took a long look at some of the items I’ve been stockpiling and I’ve decided to cull through the pile and sell off some of my stock, keeping only the items I’ll use.

As items are sold they will be removed from the page. First come first served. Continental US Shipping is included in the price (if it is being sold on this page, ETSY sales have their shipping calculated via etsy). All shipping is via USPS Priority (etsy gives me the option of shipping First class. I usually opt for Priority though.). If you are outside the US please email me for a shipping quote. *

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Weirdo Patches

I started to make these little patches to cover up logos on hoodies, beanies, and fleeces from a former employer. The clothing was still good and oh so comfy after years of washing and use so why not cover up the logo and keep wearing them?

These little applique patches are colorful and wonderfully tactile. They are perfectly sized to cover up chest and hat sized logos. I use an antique 40s era Kenmore sewing machine to stitch tiny scraps of fabric onto heavier canvas, denim, and twill recycled from pants. I use either antique cotton or new cotton quilting thread, it depends on my mood. 

As these get washed they will fray and get fuzzy edges, this is intended and feels so good.

Each square measures 1 inch. The smallest is roughly 2.5×2.5 inches and the largest is 3.5×5.25 inches. Please measure your logo to see if these will fit. You should get a patch roughly .25 inches larger on all sides (.5 total) to get good even coverage of your logo. They range in price from $5 up to $10. (S&H included) 

Check out is via PayPal.

If you are looking for something custom, let me know. I don’t have a ton of fabric but I’ve got some funky stuff and I’ll work with you to create something you love. Or just keep an eye on my insta for more updates.

Sold Patches

Patch 4 Bricks r Heavy $8 SOLD
Patch #1 Chicken $5 Sold