All Wrong

Perhaps I've been going about this wrong.

Maybe looking at it all from the wrong angle, perspective or what not.

The question and analysis I SHOULD be doing is looking at what I've got and not looking at what I don't have.

I should see what I CAN do.

Rather than focus on what I CAN'T do.

See the difference there?

it's not a subtle or minor shift in thinking, it's a major shift.

Here's what I'm going to do:

  • Clean my studio, yeah get it organized, I did that winter storage area thing again.
  • Look at the art I really like doing and do it.- bookbinding, art journaling and painting. I like all of it so why aren't I doing it MORE?
  • Drawing things from life (more on this in another post)
  • Get back to my writing, this has gone to the wayside as I focused on so many other things.

Getting into that fender bender a month ago jostled my noggin, and not in a good way. It let me seep down into what I call the pit of dark. It's an angry lonely place. I blamed the other person, I blamed the road, I blamed the brakes. I said a lot of "if only" and "I should have's" and "I would have's" and other assorted garbage which only served to lower my head further into the pit.

So sunday while I drew my friend in her fabulous 40's vintage clothing (killer red heels oh my!) I had this thought that I needed to own the fact that I'd let myself slip and get into that dark rut.

Here I am taking ownership of it.

Now lets get out of it and see what can happen.