Weekend Snap Shot

This weekend I shot a lot of video footage and loaded a bunch of stuff to youtube. I have found a method of editing that takes less time than what I was doing and I’m doing fewer takes of each video. *PHEW* I was burning up a lot of battery life on all those takes.

I’m using was GlamourBomb refers to as “sandwich editing.” In which I have created a set intro and a set final scene then all I need to do is add the filling- the new videos. Piece of cake.

Add to that I have the boom mic stand set up in the office where I do most of my art journaling, it makes it super easy to stick the camera on the mount and start making art.

If you haven’t made it over to artjournaling.ning.com yet for the “New to Art Journaling” group you should certainly head over and check it out. I’ve added some exclusive content to the group that won’t be shown anywhere else. I’ll be putting out more content that is exclusive to the NAJ group. Head over, ask questions and we’ll see if I can answer them, or find you answer.