Review Q

I decided to add this list of things I’m planning on reviewing. I’m either in process of writing the review or I’ve got the products in my hot little hands and I’m abusing them, you know for review purposes. These are offered in no particular order. Links are to Amazon if available, otherwise to the maker’s website. Unless the items was sent to me for review by  a particular company, then links go to their website.

Yes, all Amazon links on this blog are affiliate. Money from any purchases goes to blog/website fees and purchase of new items to review.

  • Rotring 600 0.5 (Drafted, needs edits and photos)
  • Baron Fig Experiment
  • Write Notebooks Pocket Notebook (Needs a lot more use before I can give a good review.)
  • Pentel Alloy
  • NockCo Sinclair
  • NockCo Gigante Index Cards
  • Pen+Gear Graph Ruled INdex Cards
  • Inkjoy
  • LodeStone Press
  • Parker Jotter
  • Dollar Spot Rainbow
  • DollarSpot Erasers
  • Blue Ink for Professional settings
  • Vacationing with notebooks
  • Helvetica
  • CWPE The Editor
  • Use Case Scenario for… Bics, Seriously
  • Kokuyo Campus B Grade
  • Composition Notebook Round Up 3 and 4; Drug Store and Online

There is an impressive list of pencils and inks to go with this, but for now, these items are at the top of my to review list. I’ll delete things off the list once they are reviewed.