Flickr Friday: Eveline Says Daily Don’t Work

Eveline Says Daily Don't Work
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Jonathan, better known as the artistic biker is doing a daily drawing challenge, he's loading up the pictures daily. You can sign up to get them emailed to you. Read what he has to say here:

My friend Eveline ( recently posted the "Daily don't work" for her. Meaning that she does better when she can commit to something at her own pace. I can respect that. However, I'm still going to challenge her, and everyone else to commit to 10 minutes a day doing something creative. For me, I want to improve my drawing skills. I've already started doing 10 Minute Daily Nude Figure Drawings. I won't kick myself if I miss a day, but of course the intent is to do it EVERY DAY.
A daily drawing habit was the very best thing I ever did for myself artwise. It helped me see shapes rather than objects. It help me train my hand to work with my eyes. It challenged me to get creative with the composition to keep it interesting. But, most importantly, it forced me to do something creative EVERY DAY!

So. That's something I would like to give back to you folks. I will be taking pictures of simple objects that you might find anywhere. I will post them here in color and grey-scale for you to use as a reference. They are Creative Commons license, or at least they will be, so use 'em for anything that you aren't selling. If you want to use them in something you're going to sell, please e-mail me to discuss it.
If you would like to share your daily practice, I've created an "invitation only" group over on The Flickr ( If you would like to join the group, all you need do is ask. I just didn't want the ENTIRE flickr community commenting on our posts.

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