Out of Range

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. My head has been other places and I could have sworn that some of the updates that I've scheduled for NEXT week were in fact scheduled for this week. Sigh.Additionally I'm very lucky in that Christie has had this week off from school and work. We've been relishing the unusual time together and really enjoying just relaxing after I get home from work. Tonight I was greeted with a nice bottle of red wine and homemade Italian meatballs with sauce made using her Grandmother's recipe. Yum. Right about now I'm read for sleep.

Product reviews start next Thursday and Flickr Finds start Friday. The rest of the week is up in the air in terms of plans. I think that I'll start Technique Tuesday up again. Then I'll try and get the wordy stuff to Wednesday and the weekends. Then If I feel like posting within the week I can continue to do so.

Starting this coming Monday, Jan 10th I'll start up my UStream show again. I'll be working on the Midori Traveler notebook cover knock off. I'll post a supplies list sometime soon.

Updates this weekend might be spotty as it's Christie's last before she heads back to school and I really want to enjoy this time before we're knee deep in stress again. Seriously, this week has been amazing.