Wordy Wednesday: control myself that is all

Wordy Wednesday is a little late this week. No excuses other than laziness, lots of cooking and cleaning. No really I cleaned a bunch of stuff. I feel like such an adult!

I’ve written about copy right and the creative commons before. I moved my blog over to the creative commons as well as my entire flickr stream. It means you can share as long as you give attribution and your site is non-commercial. As long as I’m linked it’s good. Some people prefer that you never share their stuff or link to their blog only. To each their own.

I’ve also written previously about how I think copyright violations should be dealt with, and that is privately. First and foremost, you aren’t respected if you don’t give respect, even to those who do wrong. I see my job as to first try to educate. If I can’t educate, then I get defensive. People do the wrong thing all the time and they should be allowed to fix it, if they don’t then it’s time to get creative.

The other issue that I find is that I can only control my actions not those of others. I was told that a bunch of people on my ning gave another ning owner a hard time over the name of a workshop. I was accused to baiting the hook to incite this action. Though I had expressly and privately told the other person I felt the opposite. I can’t control other people. I’m insulted that someone would l think that others would do such a thing at my behest. Had the person told me as it was occuring I certainly would have written to those members and asked them to stop. Harassment of any kind isn’t cool especially when it’s being done in another person’s name. You can’t assume that the other person would want such a thing done. The best idea is to email the person you’re thinking of supporting or taking action for and let them know so they can deal with the situation. I appreciate support, but I like it best when the person knows for sure it’s what I believe.

I follow the golden rule here, I treat others the way I’d like to be treated.