Spring Alive Art Journaling: Adventures in the Mind

I’ve had this crazy plan to do another prompt related workshop on ning but with a twist. The crazy idea I had is to make it more intense, directive, with questioning. When I journal I ask myself questions and really explore what’s going on in my head. I don’t just write and paint to not think about the stuff going on in my mind. Rather I look at my art journal as a place to walk up to the edge of my understanding and tip my toe just over that line, and then hopefully dive in and learn how to swim.

That is what art journaling is all about- an adventure in my mind. I want you to try this method out see what it’s like and see if it is something you’d like to put into your daily art journaling practice. Because I want as many people to try this out as possible I’m going with a “pay what you can” method of payment.  The group will be hosted on AJ Ning as all of my workshops are. You’ll need to request membership and once you’ve requested membership you’ll find buttons to pay. Suggest payment is $20, however if you can’t afford that, pay what you can. If you’d like to pay for a spot for someone else, pay more.

The class will run from March21st to April 17th. That’s 4 weeks. Each week will feature a pdf with text, 7 simple prompts, 2 intense prompts and what I like to call 2 ideas. The simple prompts are words and phrases to get the ideas rolling, you can journal on them once per day but there are thematic and meant as more of a meditative prompt.  The 2 intense prompts ask you a question and you think on it and write. The text is some of my thoughts on art journaling, why to do it, how it can positively influence you in your everyday life and how it has influenced me.