Evidence #2 and Starting Grad School

I had my first week of grad school last week. It kicked my ass, in a good way. It was an intense 9am to 6pm class Monday through Friday. We did a  lot of writing and reading and art making. It was the most completely intense class I've ever had. In short it was awesome. I got to meet and hang out with 23 amazing women. The best thing is I'll be spending the next 4 days with them as well. This time in New Hampshire.

I expected to have evidence on Etsy by the end of last week but I ended up having a lot of work  to do for school. I finally got it all scanned and up today. You can get your very own copy.

  • Less, I just bought Issue 2 and read it within a half hour. When I read Page 8, it was my same story but I DID join the Corporate Rat Race 4 years ago. And for the same reasons, Bigger pay, I added 25k to my income a year. The company supplements my cell phone bill. I have a company laptop. The company pays for all of my fuel, food, hotel’s, all travel expenses and flight’s when I travel, which is every week. I am on call 24/7 and am up at 2am sometimes sending emails. And now after 4 years, I am realizing that I should have stayed in ONE office.
    Now let me mention the arthritis. I have a lot of AR in my neck and every where else, but my neck is the worse. I had a very bad car accident 40 years ago when I was rear ended at a stop light in my 63 Ford Fairlane which did not have head rests, and then, I sat sideways in a transit bus for 25 + years looking out the windshield to the right, training bus drivers. So now I can only turn my head about 1 inch to the left and right. I am allowed 3 epidurals a year for my neck, which after the 3rd one, it didn’t stop much of the pain. I am 60 years old now, and I really need to work at least 6 more years to retirement, but the pain I endure each day NOW will only get worse as I try to get to 66. I drive every where and not being able to turn my head while driving is very dangerous.
    I am sorry to go on and on, but I wanted you to know how much I admire you, for one, not jumping on that corporate train and for 2, leaving the day job! You are my HERO, my friend!