Journaling About the ugly Stuff

Let's face it the holidays are tough and sometimes you need to journal about the hard stuff. This is a 2 part video about just that. I agree with a lot of what the person has to say, BUT I'm one who covers up a lot of what I write in my journal. though I do that I'm ALWAYS able to recall exactly what was on that page. Maybe it's becuase I'm a visual person and the image hold more memory for me than the words? Who knows, great series of videos:

  • I’ve always believed people shouldn’t hide how they feel. What good does it do to hide all the writtings ya’ve done to cover it. I know some people like it, but when ya old ya won’t remember what was under that page ya covered. I love to live my life with Mary J. Blidge’s song “Take Me As I AM” That means if ya reading my journals then ya know there’s a chance not all of it will be a bed of roses. Everyone knows no ones life is perfect & to cover how ya feeling is making a Fairy Tale life, that doesn’t exsist.I know when I die my journals will live on. What better way to let them know my personality then to be true & authentic with my journal? She helped me cross of one of my Poe’s Peeves off my list. Thanks for sharing.

  • I usually paint over my entries as well but one good way I’ve found to keep my entry is to double-space it and, when I’ve reached the end of the page, go back into the double space and continue writing. So that way, if someone is reading your entry, they won’t really be able to understand it, but you will. Also, writing over your writing is another way.

  • @Poe, i tend to agree but then I’m one who in her art journals covers up a lot of my words, not because I”m ashamed but because I like to really make them PART of the art. Sometimes I feel like the words stick out from the art too much, so I integrate it in, make it a texture a pattern, etc. As you’ve seen in a lot of my art journaling I have a tendency to write the same word or phrase over and over and over again. While I’m not writing the words I’m thinking out I’m getting the feeling out. I’m a big fan of the idea that not only is the final art piece NOT the idea neither is the final writing. I’m all about process in my art journal, so whatever gets me to where I’m going, is a-ok in my book.
    I also use a lot of symbols in my work. gears hearts chains eyeballs, hands body parts, letters, all symbolic of certain things. They might not make sense to other people but I could flip through any of my journals to any page and tell you exactly what was going through my mind when I worked that page. The final images are powerful memories for me.
    @artistenouveau that sounds really really neat and I bet it has a really cool texture, imagine that in typewriter font? typed out on an old school typewriter. I need to find mine. I should have looked when I was at my parents house, it’s in their barn. I’ll have to go up again this spring and look for it.