Review: Bic for Kids Mechanical Pencil

Wandering the aisles of my local Staples looking for deals I found the Bic for Kids mechanical pencil. At $4.29 it’s not a deal but it was interesting. The package includes the pencil itself, a pack of 6 leads, and an eraser. The pencil is designed to be a finger fitter to help little kids learn how to write. They were available in 2 gendered colors of blue and pink. Sigh.*

I picked it up in the hope that the lead inside is the same as the Bic disposable mechanical but thicker. I wasn’t disappointed. It was dark and smooth for an HB. I quite like the lead. The pencil includes 3 leads inside and the little double ended tube holds 6 more. The bad thing about this pencil is that leads are not sold separately, so you can not refill them once you finish your 9 included leads. So that’s a bummer.

The pencil is tiny, one of the other reason I purchased it, thinking it would make an excellent pocket mechanical. And it is. It fits perfectly into a pocket. For people with large or even medium sized hand, this is going to be much too small to be usable. It is also very lightweight. That said the finger fitting fin is a pain in thumb. With a pencil you need to rotate it to keep it pointed. the fin prevents you from doing so.

So I cut it off. Sow and carefully I used a knife to shave off the fin. This allows me to rotate the pencil to keep the point, pointy. Without the fin the pencil is very comfortable and even enjoyable to use.

The included eraser is color coordinated to look good with the pencil. The blue eraser is a nice dark blue, while the pink eraser looks like bubblegum. The eraser is dust gathering so all the crumbs clump together and make it easy to clean your page. The Eraser also works really well and cleans the graphite entirely off the page. It is very soft and will be quickly used up.

Overall this is a fun little mechanical pencil that is limited by the finger fitting fin and its diminutive size.

*Why won’t manufacturers ever learn that little girls like pink, blue, green, yellow, purple, and a whole host of colors not just bubblegum pink.

I purchased this item with my own money so I was not influenced by any corporate overlords in the writing of my reivew.

  • Tina

    It’s amazing to me that gendered colors are still a thing, like we’re back in the ’50s. You’re both smart and handy — it never would have occurred to me to cut that fin off! Ordinary mechanical pencil leads won’t fit in it?

    – Tina

    • lessherger

      Apparently there are a few brands that DO make refills in the 1.3mm lead size so there is the potential of refilling with leads from other brands. Staedtler, Kokuyo, and Pentel were the 3 brands I found on Jetpens. There may be more brands that sell this size.

    • lessherger

      If the pencil had been more expensive I’d have balked at cutting off the fin, being afraid to ruin it, but this was cheap enough that I didn’t mind if I DID ruin it. Might as well hack it and make it useful you know?

      And yes, you’d think that Bic would have learned a lesson from the Bic for Her fiasco. Though they do not go so far as to say Boy/Girl colors, it’s just “For Kids” with only 2 color options, so it is clear what is going on. Which is so lame.