Stenciled Wrapping Paper

you’ve been following me for any period of time you know my partner and
I make all of our own wrapping paper. Usually I gather packing paper
and newsprint from work and hoard it from about halloween on. There has
been a serious lack of decent newsprint, brown paper, or other packing
paper. It’s been coming in torn up and a mess, a recycler’s nightmare.
This year I had to resort to buying the largest pad of cheapo newsprint.

This is meant to be a money saving project. I think it still is.

Here is why I made those simple circle stencils. They are a stencil for over another stencil. What?!?

down an intricate stencil, like this X’s and O’s then lay down a circle
stencil over that. IMAG0242
IMAG0242Mask out unwanted areas.
IMAG0242Spray, spounce or roll.
Remove stencils, press off excess paint into a journal. Repeat as
needed. HIt it with a heat gun, and voila! Nifty stencils on stencils,
which make the most bad ass wrapping paper ever.

You can also do this with crayons- try rubbing over stencils. Or sharpies- use stencils as a guide. There are a million ways to make your own wrapping paper. I've been doing this for years and years. When I first started to do this it was because I forgot to buy paper adn remembered making paper with my Mom one winter. I lvoed it them and I love it now. At first I felt pretty cheesy doing it, but the reaction I get is usually pretty positive. People don't want to tear the paper. Also it's loads of fun.