95% There

The custom journal for Scarlet is 95% done. I have finished distressing the covers, working on the spine and I’ve sewn it. I’ve also scalloped the edge of the flap and added the thong to tie it shut. I’m pretty darn happy with it. My roommate referred to it as girly. I think that’s compliment.

Sometimes it’s good to challenge one’s self with a project that is just a little outside of one’s style, and I think that this project was just that. Let’s face it, I don’t do pink and this project was bathed in it. My style is somewhat masculine and tough so to do a girly journal was difficult. Now that I’ve done it I’m pretty happy with the results and may do some more. I think that I may try to work them a little differently.

A review of the key points of this journal:

Feminize my style a bit

Pink- Hand distressed

1 and half inches thick, with 250 pages


And what did I learn:

I can make my style more feminine- color is a good way to work it but also there are little touches that make thins more “girly”

Hand distressing, while time consuming, is not expensive but makes great results and is wonderful looking. I could order white leather and hand distress it using paint. ANY COLOR!

250 pages is nothing I could have easily made this 300 pages

Lines are easy.

Next paycheck from the day job I’m going to purchase several white hides, that way I can distress them to any color I need. I’m so jazzed by my success with this project that I think I can try it on a white hide. Acrylic paint and sponges are my friend.