More Crash

Today has been an uneventful day. I’ve spent much of my time loading things onto the new computer and trying to find all the websites I’ve visited on a regular basis and distinguishing those from the ones I need for the studio. I do feel somewhat lost without the website to work on and of course when I went to the site, I notice that many of the images are broken links. There isn’t much I can do about it now, but hopefully my little brother will get on the ball and send me a disk or 2.

In more Studio related news, I have 2 custom orders, one is very romantic and one is very practical. Both have their separate challenging issues- one is a size issue and the other is a question of how do I bind 700 full sized pages of emails into a book? (actually I dont think it will be that difficult.) The size issue is one I can deal with most easily what I’ll need to do is do 3 separate sewing that are hidden, one at the head, one at the tail and the final in the center. This will keep the shape of the book block- or the pages even and tight. The final decorative sewing will take place along the spine and will be supported by a layer of leather, tyvek and probably paper as well as the decorative paper I use to back the leather. The email question is one of how to manipulate the pages into a format that can be bound easily. What I need is pagemaker, but that’s on my old computer. I was also able to do it in Lotus; does anyone remember Lotus123? I loved lotus, word only even more user friendly.

Now that I’m done with this I’m going to be loading up some clearance items on eBay. Mainly because I just need to get rid of them, but also because I need to make some cash to pay off this damn computer, and start to save up for a new monitor.