So happy!

I am more than a little excited about his journal that I just made for Scarlett. It was perhaps the biggest challenge that I’ve set myself up for in a long time and I see that my long dormant binding skills are surfacing and succeeding in looking good.

I need to make sure that I get a lot of pictures of this journal before I mail it out because it is one of my better journals.

I like the technique so much that I’m making a bunch of covers with the pink hide- all distressed but with different colors. I’ve got another going I the pink I used originally. I’m working on ideas in my head to use blues and purples. I saw a bunch of paste paper covers today and I was wondering what the hides would look like if I ladled on paint and medium mixed with water and then sandwiched it together, or used some plexi to smoosh the paint into the leather. I’m going to try it and we’ll see how it looks.

We’ve got a nasty storm hitting us right now and I’m gonna turn off the compy so I don’t fry this one.