3 more makes a total of 8 today


well I’m feeling pretty good I completed 6 books today. Granted I had made the covers and punched the stations on the previous 3 days but still it feels good to get all that done. That being said that’s a pretty good output for 3 part-time days. (I finished 2 more late last night.)

Today was spent sewing the 6 books and sourcing out materials for a custom order. My HP paper still hasn’t shipped yet thoguh I’ve been billed for it- what’s up with that? The custom order I’m working on is for a journal with drawing paper and maps on the inside covers, a very neat idea. I was hoping to find some nice topographical maps but he didn’t have any that were in my somewhat limited pricerange. He also didn’t have a small map of the US for inside the front cover.

I got the GRAND idea of heading over to Melrose to the used book store. ONly to be hit by devastating news once I arrived on Main street. The book store closed sometiems ago and has been replaces by, of all things for a dry town, a jazz bar?!?!? I think it was a jazz bar, could have been a coffee shop I’m not sure. I was too heart broken to go in, just kept on walking. So the vintage map I was hoping for wasn’t to be had, instead I’ve got a recent map that I’ll be looking to vintage-fy on Saturday. I also plan on heading to yard sales to see if I can find a book with a more authentic map. I am glad I was able to find an older map for the backing paper- a street map of Austin. It’s very cool and very very out of date. (I can’t believe the guy was trying to sellit as something that could possibly help someone when driving in Austin!)

I’m still wainting on my leather. I’m getting a little cheesed about it not being here today. It always arrives one day late. *grumbles*

So I’m off to cut mroe covers.