Custom Order

I’ve been working on this special order for 3 days, mainly thinking of what style of sewing to use. Because it only has 3 signatures I wanted to use somethign a little different. Slots could have been done, but what a pain in the butt to do for only 3 signatures. I also considered doing all 3 signatures in the same stations along the spine, but it wasn’t doing it for me. It made the pages bunch upin an udly bump along the spine. So I refered to my Keith Smith book 1 2&3 signature sewings and decided that simple was better. I chose a modified continuous saddle stitch. Simple yet very elegant.

This leather is gorgeous. Smooth, silky; speaking texturally: sensual. And I’m quite in love with it. I didn’t want the sewing to be so amazing it would detract from the leather. This is one of those few hides that I’ve decided must stand out from the sewing. This sewing is simple, in natural linen to stand out and compliment the deep darklightly distressed color of the leather. the flap edge is rough but still controlled. I added the pen holder that has become something I use on almost everything. It’s so simple yet makes so much sense.