Last of the deer hide

So this is also one of the last pieces of deer hide i have left. I’m kind of sad to see it gone, but it was all nice.

This journal was the journal of mistakes. First I managed to punch the stations before cutting the pages to the correct size- in this case they only needed to be 5.25 inches high, rather than 5.5 inches. So first I did that dumbness. Then I cut only on one side, so I had to go back after sewing in 3 of the signatures and trim the other side, so I had to cut signatures away
from the spine. ACK!!!!

Then while shooting the pictures I managed to loosen a nut too far and drop a greased bolt into my hand. Not realizing I had grease on my thumb I picked the journal up. Only noticing AFTER i shot the pic that i had gotten grease on the journal. Because it’s hot the grease was nearly liquid and has absorbed into the leather. sadly there is no fixing this. So I’ll put it up on eBay at a reduced cost. I spent so much time on this one only to screw it up beyond repair.

I swear this heat had adled my brain.