Several days activities in one shorter than normal post!

I didn’t get a chance to write a run down of all the things I got done book binding-wise yesterday.

I had a particularly productive day. I also realize HOW important it is for me to drink a lot more water than I have been, coffee is good but water is better. Anyway, I managed to cut, reinforce and back 7 travel sized covers and 2 large sized covers. I folded and gathers enough signatures for god knows how many books. I then laid out all the book blanks for the covers I had made. I cut all the spines. Finally I finished sewing 2 books- both in distressed leather but one larger and one small. I’m getting ready to start sewing this morning.

The great thing about the books that I have been working on is that they can fulfill my eBay needs and the large order needs- if she likes the coloration of the leather.

The thread that I used seems thinner than the thread I usually use; it didn’t flair the spine nearly as much as it usually does. The paper also seems thinner? I know it’s the same weight, 24lb (90gsm) but it seems different. It’s acid free and a nice color. To the binding table I go.