The last Several Days- in a long rambling entry!

Yesterday at the day job I had a wedding order to make. Not a bad bit of business for the man, but I also wanted to take pics for my portfolio. I took my camera, tripod and backdrop with me to work. It involved me taking down my journal shooting area. Which was fine as I was able to revamp it and make things better. I’m going to pick up another halogen light so that the lights are brighter and I can take pictures at all hours. That will wait until after my next paycheck. I want a light that has a lot more flex in the arm, this one is great but I need something with a little more directionality.

I’ve finished all the eBay line covers. I have a large back stock of around 12 books. I guess you could say that’s not really large, but I would come back and tell you it is for me. I usually make them as I go and place them on eBay as I make them. So I average 4 to 6 books per week plus custom orders. I pushed myself over the last week to really get more done. I found that in 2 weeks I could make and finish at least 16 of the eBay line and some custom orders. And that is with a 40 hour a week DayJob! Imagine what I could do if I only made books. MMMMhhhhhmmmmm, that’s what I’m talking about!

So I have 3 more of the eBay line that I finished. I just loaded them to the computer and haven’t had time to edit them and get them ready for Photobucket. I’ll do that soon and then I’ll post the pics.

Today I’ll be loading up several journals to eBay, my last black leather for awhile (I’m out of black leather!), a distressed, a cocoa brown and a deer hide. I’ve got several other journals waiting in the wings ready to go too, a whole dozen!

So starting today I really start to concentrate on the Pastors order. I’ve finished 5 of his books and I’m waiting on the black leather to arrive to finish his covers. The other things I’m going to do is make a special order form that I can refer to an order at a glance and know exactly what it is, sort of like the form I made for the DayJob.