Thursday plans

Today is gorgeous and sunny. I’ll be spending plenty of time soaking up those rays but in the rest of the day I have a lot of work to do. I made up 8 covers last night and cut the spines this morning. I spent a good part of the morning folding the pages into signatures and gathering them for sewing. This afternoon will be spent sewing many of them.

Sadly I have to ruin my day off by going into work and working on a special order. Things like that tend to ruin great plans. Not that I mind so much the special order but that I have to go in on my day off and make them.

Things have been going well. The custom orders have tapered off a bit but eBay has been going well for me. I think that I found my buy-it-now price, it’s not as high as I would like, but it keeps me in supplies and with a small profit margin, meaning I get paid about $5 an hour for my efforts, if that.

Later today I’m going to cut some black and distressed covers for eBay sales. Right now all I’ve got is this chocolate sheep hide, golden deer hide and blue cow hide. I’d like to get the distressed back up. They are a consistent sale and a good look. I think it would be nice to have 4 to 6 different styles up on eBay at any one time, that way I can maximize my sales potential. Thought I can’t really say that it will help. I’m never sure with these things.

I have to run to the post office and put out a package for Australia.