It’s been awhile forgive me please!

It’s been a few days, you’ll have to forgive me, and I’ve been busy. Well obsessively reading Harry Potter, as I said last post- great book fast read. I spent the yesterday with Chris at work and then very ill. Lesson to myself, if milk tastes even a little funny over the food I’m using it to wash down, stop and spit it out. I’ve also been on the phone with people I’ve had to make plans with for our trip and insanely trying to get a hold of Greg, with whom we’re spending a day and a half. It’s hard to make plans with people when they are in different time zones.

All that being said I’ve not done a lot book-wise, I had expected that by today most of my special orders would be finished and they aren’t. I’ve also received several new orders.

What I have finished is the following:

The gift journal.

Cutting, collating and folding the pages for the 10 book order.

Cutting the covers and backing the covers for the 10 book order

Spine templates for all those journals and a few others.

Designing those spines.

The mini watercolor journal, will go up on eBay probably tonight. Look for it. No pics yet, sorry.

I had the following issues to deal with:

Planning trip


Harry potter

The printer issues, being that the printer went on the fritz and I now have to reprint 5 books worth of lines. 5, that’s half. Half the sheets I printed were ruined by toner leaking. ARGH. It was a quarter of a ream- lost. Now I’m back to reprinting the lines at 10 page intervals so that tone won’t leak and I won’t ruin more paper.

Trip plans.

Trying to get a non-paying bidder to pay up, a lot of money.

Also hoping that 2 checks I’m waiting for in the mail arrive asap so I can process them and ship the books before I leave. (I usually wait until they clear, but in this case- someone with extremely high feedback, I’m going to trust that it will clear.)

So tonight I have a very full plate!

Call landlord, then pick up sample lease and a credit check form.

Finish printing lines.

Cut, fold and collate all lined pages.

THEN start printing 365 pages for the next journal I’m working on

Fold and collate that.

Report non payer on eBay if needed, offer second chance.

Gather all books I need to take with me to Maine to finish.

Order more natural linen.

Pics and more.