HAD a lost post

Yesterday I wrote out a long rambling post about an assortrment of things. I’ll spare you the drivel and get straight away to the good stuff.

My obsession with the moleskine knock offs- now better known as Hedgies or hedgehogs is waning a bit. I’ve made a giant stack that I’ll slowly be auctioning off on ebay as the feeling hits. Fabric hedgies will be special order only, as they are actually more work than the leather, go figure. Ther fabric went for way to little $$$ on eBay and the leather was inconsistant, just like normal. I’ve got a stack of things to photograph and list tonight, so I’ll have fresh picks for next week.

Next week will be interesting. It’s the first time in nearly 3 years that I’ve had Labor day off. I’m heading to Maine for some quality time with my folks. I’m hoping to get some time in painting but I know I won’t, i’ll at least take my materials with me. I’m hoping to bring back my sewing frame and a few other art supplies. I’m taking some book binding thigns with me and i’ll sew2 books like mad while I’m there. I tend to not do much of anything while i’m up there, so I t will be good for me to take things to do.

I’ve got a large stack of covers cut and ready to be backed and filled. I’ve got to order more hides soon. I’vegot a couple of partials and whatnot but I need a few more full sized hides. this last distressed hide was particularly fantastic, even if it was tiny. It had a lot of areas where it ws dark and light making nice patterns on the hide.

So the agenda for today- finish up listing on eBay, photos, back hides and cut paper!