Printer Woes

GARGHHH! my beloved printer is having a rough time of it. I use it for so much. Laser printers are a big save on cash, especially if you find a cheap one. I have to recomend my Okidata 810e to anyone loking for a cheap laser printer. eBay is full of toner and print drums for it and it’s all pretty reasonably priced especially whenyou consider the alternative of paying $30 a pop for an inkjet cartridge. I paid next to nothing for my toner.

It’s been great, but the drum is going bad and it’s time for me to either buy a new drum or upgrade to a newer laser printer. I’ve put in a bid for a drum on eBay and hopefully it will solve the woes of my printer. I love the damn thing and it would be a shame to lose it now. We bought it used almost 5 years ago and my computers capabilities havefinally caught up with the printers abilities.

Hopefully I will now be able to print on cover stock because right now my printer is turning everything a nice shade of creamy gray! (expect an ebay auction on a couple of journals that my prionter turned the paper gray.)

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