Steady now, steaaddddyyy!

Well, personal issues abounded the last few weeks, but they are evened out now and I can get out of my rut. I had car issues today that interfered with my doing anything of much use. That being said, my car is now fixed and quite happy, amazing what a new battery can do!

I moved my studio fromone room to the next, out of necessity but also out of want. I needed to reorganize and the old rooms seemed somewhat stale to me, and I’m glad to move my things into a new room. It forced me to go through my things and think about what I have and better yet how I use it. Those few thoguths were quite telling. I have hoarded art supplies for sometime now and quite frankly I have a lot of thigns I tell myself I’ll use but never do. My art as of late has focused on keep my art journal and bookbinding. That’s about it. I’ve given up much of my painting, I’ve not touched acrylics other than to distress leather. Sad but true.

I’m pretty happy with it all though. I’m happy witht he new set up and that already i’ve made a few books in here. Pretty impressive.

I loaded up a few journals to eBay and hopefully they will sell.