Historical journal

I had a request for a medieval/renaissance historical looking journal. This is it. While it’s not strictly true to renaisance binding, it’s a modern twist to the style.

It’s 200 pages of cream Eaton 24lb, 25% cotton paper. A deep chocolate brown seep hide and deer leather accents. Black irish linen for the sewing in a linking long stitch sewn to stations. I worked this one a little differently thanothers, I first stiched on the 1/2 the signatues, leaving room for the others. I then came back and stitched ont eh other 5, linking through as I stitched them on. This is a much easier way to sew alinking long stitch and I think it’s how I shal do themfrom now on, it was THAT much easier. It’s a 6×9 inch book and is about an inch and a half thick. It’s gefty and feels nice to hold.

Onto the pR0n: