A new Fat Journal

I’ve been working on a few new designs. I figure that the best way to combat the imitators is to innovate and continually change my offerings, continually is a bit of an over statement but change them often and continue to innovate my historically based sewing.

The versionI’ve been working on is a 400 page journal. I’ve had people request it, so I’ve developed a journal for those people who wantt o write 1 page a day for a year and then move on. Of course a 400 page journal gives them a little leeway with the writing but it’s a thick little book and I’m going to list one on eBay first and then list the next on etsy. So we’ll see how they do.

The details:
400 pages in 20 signatures, Eaton 24ln 25% cotton paper.
Unbleached Irish linen thread, hand waxed, just alittle with pure bee’s wax.
Distressed sheep hide, great pattern, cut from A premium hide.
Basic long stitch.
Raw edged flap with an extra thick strap.

So here are some pictures to enjoy:

I’ll list at eBay later and post a link here.