Four for Tuesday

I’ve finished the small covers that I had made already. I switched to slots for these sewings as I felt that I have a ton of stationed sewings on etsy. So one of these will go for eBay and the other 3 for etsy. Tonight I’m also going to work on the 6 recycled books I have set to go. I’m going to use a variety of Keith Smith sewings for those.

I’m pretty happy with the 4 journals I finished today. The details on them are as follows:
All have an Eaton 24lb paper with 25% cotton content in cream. 200 pages in 10 signatures sewn onto slots. I used Irish linen in a variety of colors. (The golden deer hide is double sewn.) all the sewing styles are a variation on the long stitch, either with angled stitches or decorative Xs sewn into the open areas of the spine. All have my usual flap with a strap, I cut extra wide straps for these journals.