Out of COntrol

Everyone will have to forgive me for going AWOL over the last few weeks. Work has been hellish and I’ve been there a lot. When I haven’t been at the DayJob I’ve been sleeping. In addition to being at work a lot I’ve been fighting off a “wicked nasty” sinus infection. I feel like the worst of it has abated and that I can finally move on with my life. Nothing worse than being sick in a way that doesn’t really show itself other than a runny nose and flushed cheeks. I need a good 4 days off in a row some time soon so that I can rest and recuperate from the BS at work. It’s been a trial. I’ve been very close to quitting on several occasions and the only thing that has stopped me is not being able to pay rent.

I’ve been painting a lot in my moleskine, little sketches, thoughts on work, life events and the media. It’s all I can do with all that’s going on to keep creative.

I have done a few books over the last few weeks. I’ll post some pictures when I have the time. I only have one day off in the next week and a half thought hopefully I’ll get some half days.

(Title is from a She Wants Revenge song. If you like depeche mde at all check them out. It’s a little darker than I usually go with my music but very very good.)