I’ve been reading Moleskinerie for what seems like ages now. It’s usually got a great bunch of links and content directed towards my second favorite notebook of choice, the moleskine. It provides me with enough fodder for reading that I enjoy it with out needing to be obsessive, though I do admit that it IS on my daily link list. The creator of that site Armand Frasco is an interesting guy with a vision focused on notebooks and the obsessive love that many of us have for them, a man after my own heart and mind. I, like, many others donated towards the cause of keeping the Moleskinerie open. I hope I have the chance to donate towards the next funding drive Armand has for the site.

Armand has a new site and I can’t wait to show my support for this site. Though it’s brand new, I think it will be even more obsessively watched and drooled over than moleskinerie. Why? It focus is not only on the moleskine but all notebooks, art journals and sketchbooks. I think it will soon become a web destination for all things notebook related. I’m also proud to say that I’m featured in one of the first articles on this soon to be stellar site.

So head over to Notebookism and take a look and leave a note.