I wonder how people who do this for a living do it? How can they day in and day out lift, push and pull heavy tings? Hw can they wake up every morning read to swing a hammer, lift a brush or use a saw? I do these things for a few ours a week and my hands are stiff and sore; my back aches and legs scream at me in pain. How do people do this?

The bedroom is 99% DONE! The office is still in shambles but we are slowly getting there. In not too much more time I will have the studio done, or close to it and I’ll be making books again. I have a lead on a large order

Chai, sd me a private email and we’ll discuss my pricing! I can’t reply to my comments section, the boks you asked about were a gift, and I give out my website to people who order, so I don’twant to ruin the gift.