bench this!!

Because I have to push the envelope I had to snag a 500+ sheet box of heavy paper out of the recycling. It’s really nice. The company was pushing olive oil with it. Now I’ve got this fantastic paper printed lightly on one side and blank on the other side. It’s very nice. I’m going to make some simple recycled notebooks out of it. Stab style, probably some with staples and others with sewn spines. I think they will be very cool. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the covers, I might try some stuff with leather and others with recycled bits and others with some cardboard; I’m just not sure.

I’ve been working on my bench in the basement. I don’t know why someone would put nails into the table top they have to work on, but the thing is full of god damn nails. I’ve pulled a good 30 or so out of it. I’ve also pulled screws and washers out of the surface. It’s insane, one spot looks like someone was trying to make a solid metal surface out of nail heads. It’s bizarre. I remember how pissed my dad used to get when we would accidentally drive a nail into his workbench, t drove him NUTS. I can’t imagine that any one would be okay with it. Anyway it’s a mess I have it sanded down and I’m pulling nails now, after than I’ll sand again and then I’ll patch up the holes. I’ll finish with another sanding and then I’ll hit her up with a nice finish of water-based poly. I’ll then have bookbinding bench to kill for.

I’m excited to get back into bookbinding. I have a ton of follow up emails about binding, so I’m going to art that tomorrow morning.