shop talk

I spent yesterday doing a lot of different things, but the major item that really made my day great was that I finally got to put the finish on my bench. I’m glad I went with the water-based poly as I was able to get 5 coats on it over the course of the day. And I must say that this morning it looks fantastic. Its dried hard and clear and shiny, oh so perfect. I can’t wait to get binding books just so I can use it. I also cleaned down there. I vacuumed out the inside of the bench and I’m planning on making shelves for it on Sunday. I can’t wait for that either.

My next goal for the studio is to move the old fridge from my studio space to the other side of the basement, so that it’s out of the way and so that the studio computer is closer to the center part of the room. The studio computer is mainly for music. I would like to have it central so that the music sounds better, that’s what it’s all about. I then want to rip out the old linoleum that’s on the floor and wash the floor, maybe add a little polish to the cement.

I set up a photography area too. I need to dig my lights out of boxes and it will be good to go. I may look into some new clip lights to make it work better. As of right now it works okay but it’s not as good as my old set up. I think that in the end I will be able to take some very nice pictures, especially with the new camera. Which is quite nice, by the way. I’ve taken some great shots right out of the box, and I’m learning all the ins and outs of it.

I listed a few of the coats on ebay I’m hoping we sell at least one or 2 of them so that I can buy a new shop vac. If they don’t sell I’m going to make a new etsy shop and list them there, under vintage. (I don’t think that I mentioned that when we bought our new house that there had been left a dozen or so coats and the same in dresses and clothing. It’s all vintage and some of it is very cool. I wish some of the coats fit me, because they are super fly! None of the items fit us so I’m listing them on eBay.)