THe studio

I forgot to upload some shots of my new studio, which I’m already making good use of! I’ve made 3 journals thus far. Thoughthe parts and pieces of them were cut and glued in Wakefield, I think that because I stitched them here they count… RIght???

here are some pics:

Check out that bench. The top is 3 inches thick, the storage area is 3ft high, and 22 inches deep and I think around 8 feet long.

When we moved in the bench had a door (in the far corner of the studio, not sure if its visible or not)and then applied 6 or 8 coats of polyurethane to its top and 2 heavy coats to the entire inside. I then took some scraps from the door and built a center divide put in supports and then cut shelves for the full sheet paper storage!

Pretty exciting.