Lazy Thursday

Since I’ve been working retail, and don’t get weekends off, its still a little weird for me in comparison to when I was teaching and when I did other things. I almost always had weekends off then. So, I’m still not used to having random days off int eh middle of the week, it still feels weird. So today I was off from the DayJob and I’m feeling wheezy d tired, so I took a long nap. Upon waking was still wheezy and tired. That being said I didn’t get much done in the studio. I’m prepared to press on through it for the evening. I have several projects going, the red edge journal, the secret compartment journal and several 400 page 6×9 journals.

What I did get done was listing these 2 journals on etsy:

The details are as follows: 200 pages of Southworth 24lb 25% cotton paper in a aid texture and an ivory color. On is a linked long stitch in black Irish linen thread and the other is an alternating long stitch in red Irish linen thread. Either one is $27.99 pus shipping on my etsy shop here: