quickie before the DayJob

Well, I thought I was all set with my Tax ID number and things like that, but, it seems that the grand state of MASS wants to force me into many regulations and rules that I must follow. So I must fill out paperwork otherwise I’ll be fined. I did find a great resource- SCORE, a groups of retired and semi-retired persons who counsel people who are starting new businesses. I emailed a woman in Cali, who was a great help in helping me to figure out what I have to sign up for and what forms I MUST fill out. So if there are other entrepreneurial artists out there I highly suggest that you head over to SCORE to either speak with or email one of their professionals, it will help to sort you out.

I spent last night working on my business plan. It’s an odd thing as an artist to write. In the past I just made books, with no thought to the financial end of things, I just made it. Now I’m thinking in terms of how am I going to make a profit with everything I do I find it a hard way to think about art and my process, but I suppose its good for me to think about it, especially if I want to quit the DayJob and have the website support me. It’s not a totally alien thought process for me, as do that with my DayJob, every day is about the product coming in and the product going out as well as directing the people that I work with to maximize that profit.

So for the next few days I probably won’t post often as I’ll be at the Day Job for inhumane hours. But I do have 3 days off next week and I’ll make up for the lack of posts with some great journal videos and lots of pictures!