let there be light

Phew. What a hellish amount of work. I just spent about 8 hours installing electrical wires into the upstairs bedroom. It was a ridiculous amount of work to lay in 20 feet of wire and put in 2 electrical outlets. There were several steps involved.

First I had to go around the room with the circular saw and cut 2 grooves one half inch in depth in the baseboard. That sucked but not as much as the next step; which was to chip the wood from between the 2 grooves using a chisel, and to make sure that the depth of the groove was one half inch or greater. That took the most time I am happy though that the builders used cheap pine as it made my job so much easier, I can’t imagine the pain I would be in if they had used oak or something harder.

After all that I had to decide where I wanted the electrical boxes. I should have picked where I wanted the inner one first as I knew I didn’t want it in a certain spot. It ended up there anyway as I started from the end box….. . I’m a little mad at myself for that one. The box ended up needing to be in a spot where there was and is a crack and because I didn’t just shift myself down a foot I now have some more plastering to do. After putting in the wire I now also see that I probably could have gotten by with a mere 50 feet of wire, instead of the sale I found on 250 feet. I put wire in the groove and then kept it in place with some insulated staples.

Attaching the outlets to the wire was the easiest part of the job, on the back of the box was a clear diagram of how to wire those up so that was a piece of cake. Those went in smooth.

Somehow I’m thinking that the job should have taken far less time than it did. I think that now that I know what I’m doing t will make it far easier for the next wall.

My lower back and thighs are killing me. I’m sure tomorrow will be painful. I’ll be calling the electrician to check my work and hook it all up to the circuit breaker.

NOtbook related but it’s what I’ve been doing all day.