it’s been ages

I’ve been working on this book for what seems like ages, it has been months.

This book has 100 pages of Strathmore drawing paper, printed with lines. It’s 90lb or so and ivory in color. There are 3 hidden pockets within the journal. I’m not telling where they are because that would ruin the surprise. It has my usual flap and strap closure.

The really neat thing about this journal is the spine. Because of the Frankenstein style of this book the pine had special requirements. The franken part doesn’t transect the spine quite in the middle and it’s at an angle. So I had to take that into consideration when sewing the book. What I did was make the two sides of the book alike but not identical. When I design a spine I usually use a ruler and a triangle to be sure that all aspects of the spine are identical and are symmetrical. When I did that with this book it looked stiff and off. So I went to town on this spine freehand and eyeballed all measurements. I think that the small amount of looseness achieved by eyeballing the whole thing made all the difference in the world. The spine now fits perfectly with the rest of the book.

Integrated into the front cover is a PenSlip.

Anyway take a look at the pictures.