whirl wind

Whew I realize that it’s been awhile since I’ve done a substantial post. It’s been a whirlwind few weeks in my life.

With my new job, it’s regular but there is so much going on. I must keep my head a float. Don’t think I’m saying it’s bad; it’s very nice to use my brain, a lot. This week is the first that I’ve had where everything has been going along just fine. And I must say that it’s freaking fantastic. Of course this is only Monday and everything could go to hell faster than it took me to type all that.

So the DayJob has hit an even keel and with that my regular hours are just fantastic. I work regular hours all week and then get my weekend off, which leaves me to make books all weekend. Because I’ve worked retail for so long I’m always shocked at having 2 days off in a row, it’s like having a mini vacation every week. Because the rest of my week run s long I end up leaving work an hour or two early every week. And that means that I get to have what seems like an extra long weekend almost every week.

That means I get to make a lot of books and list a lot of items.

I’ve been experimenting a lot too. Which also makes me very happy.

The sign vinyl has been fun to mess around with. I’ve come up with all sorts of things to make with it and it’s all pretty cool.

I think the coolest thing has been the penslips. I think that making them out of the vinyl is a natural progression of materials. I have a bunch of them up on eBay and I’ll be making more of them as time goes on. I love the randomness of the images and colors.