Ending Tomorrow

Well the sun has come out here in the North East and tomorrow I”ll be enjoying the warm sun and all 60 degrees of fantastic weather.

So I’ll point out right now that I have 2 items ending tomorrow and 4 more ending Sunday. Tomorrows auctions are for journals/notebooks and Sundays ending auctions include a sewing cradle, an awl and journals. Everything is at super low bids right now and several items have no bids. So this is a chance to get some of my work at lower prices. Ebay here and Etsy here.

Also I think it bears mentioning that I have a sale on ALL of my items on etsy (you can see the pricing in the entry below.) I need to make room for more items that I’ll be making over the summer and fall. So take a look there are lots of jotters and recycled as well as a few hedge hogs.

I’ve been at work the last few evenings as well. I’ve folded up several bundles of hedgehog pages, both in large and small sizes and I’ve also managed to sew up a bunch of them. Tomorrow I’ll be gluing several of the blocks up.

I’m also making some notebooks for work. I’m on a local product team and I’m making some journals for the people on that team. They will all be recycled. I’ll post a few pics when I get the project finished.