Some words before bed

I wrote earlier that Allen, my brother, had made a bunch of awls for bookbinding, but that he hadn’t taken pictures of them yet. Well, he took many pictures today and loaded them up to his Photobucket account- you can see them ehre BookWorks Photo Album I’m pretty happy with how mine turned out.

The sewing cradle is listed on eBay here and it has a low Buy it now. They’ve been selling pretty well.

I’ve got a load of lined paper (see previous post) and I’m going to fold some signatures tonight. Sometimes even when I don’t have time to make books its good to get in the groove and just do something linked to binding. So I’m going to veg in front of the TV and fold paper.

I can’t wait for things to totally even out at my DayJob so that I can devote some real time to binding. As of right now it’s blowing my mind how much there is too learn. I did bind myself a fat recycled notebook so that I can take notes as often as I would like. It’s come in pretty handy, especially with the pockets- I’ve stuffed those full of things. I also love how I can spill coffee all over it (my thermos leaked one afternoon and my book was covered in the last dregs of my coffee- sugary mess.) and then just wipe it clean with some spray on cleaner. (Method multi-surface for me.)

Anyway, time to veg.