New CamCorder

After shooting several lame videos with the webcam,
researching it’s capabilities on the net as well as optimization AND
downloading the most recent drivers and software I was unable to get it to
operate at it’s advertised recording rate of 30fps. The best I ever got was 8.
AS a result I loaded up and made several crappy videos. The quality that I like
isn’t in those videos. I’m leaving them up on YouTube as a reminder of the learning
curve and because people have commented on them and I might as well. Out of
frustration and anger I took the webcam back, got the cash put onto a gift card
and went shopping for a camcorder that would A) record video B) offer easy
linking to my laptop and C) Grow with me as I upgrade my computer and other
equipment in the future. I had settled on a sweet little canon, but they were
out of stock.

So I spent a little more than the budget allowed and bought
a HDD JVC Everio. It’s super easy to use, has manual adjustments, and hooks up
to my laptop with ease making downloading my videos super easy. It came with
some editing software that’s pretty easy to use and so you can expect some new,
higher quality videos of my books and journals soon.

I have made the decision to reshoot all my old videos as
well. So all those barely clear videos I made in the past will be redone in new
sharp video. I also have the option of saving them in DVD quality and burning
them to DVD, which could be very cool.

So all you can expect over the next few weeks that I’ll be
loading up a few new videos. AS usual if you feel like linking to those videos
or loading them up to your blog feel free to do so!

A quick reminder: My etsy shop will be having a $2 shipping
for the rest of 2007 and the month of January 2008. Shipping on items
$9.99 and up will be only $2. Multiple items will ship for only $2.
Unfortunately this applies only to shipping in the US only. International
buyers will have to contact me to get international shipping prices. Feel free
to post this info to your blog.