Work(art) Capacity Week 4

I was reading an article about work capacity. It’s a physics
concept that I haven’t thought much about since I was in high school but it’s
one of those great concepts that really can apply to so much more than just
physics. The article that I was reading was about working out and being able to
more than the next person when you need to but I was thinking how can I apply
that concept to art, because really it doesn’t matter too much to me if I can’t
relate it to art.

So I got to thinking what can I do to increase my work
(art) capacity. I came up with 4 items to do so. For the next 4 weeks I’m going
to post a new work(art) capacity item.

#4 Use your tools. We all have a variety of
tools available to us, many save time. I saved a lot of time taking my finished
book blocks to staples and having them trim them for me. I spent $4 but saved
an hour. In my mind $4 is worth it. I have templates I use in my studio for
cutting my basic covers; I save a lot of time by not having to measure them out
each time. Ebay has templates you can use, you set up a basic template of an
item your going to sell a lot of cut and paste what’s different each time and
wow- it takes what used to be a 20 minute process and condensed it down to 5. I
keep text documents on my computer of listings I have for etsy. I have a
generic text for each of my book styles and add the differences of the item to
the listing, as I need to.

These are simple examples of things I do to
increase my work capacity so I can make more books.