Filled Hedgehog

I just filled a hedgehog. It feels good to finally snap the elastic shut on it for the last time. No more blank pages no more thoughts to recourd. It took about 6 months to fill from start to finish. It had 140lb Stonehenge pages, quite a few too. It started out about ½ inch thick and now sits at an inch. I’ve abused it to the point of stress on the spine but the Irish linen thread has held up well as has the sewing style (smythe style). It still opens flats and takes abuse. The paper stayed flat too. No cockling or other unpleasantness.

This last week or so I’ve been really focused on making art. Art for me art for the sake of art. The hedgehog is the perfect medium for that expression. Personal, small private (except, well, I plan on putting up a vid and all the pics are up on Flickr…) and portable. Good stuff all around.

Most of the images use watercolor, gouache, or acrylic with some sort of paper bits glued in. The last few pages are all acrylic in heavy impasto. I’m not sure why but the angry dark subject matter needed impasto effects. 

Enough chit chat art pR0n: