Busy Week

It’s been a busy week for me. I had a lot of work at my
DayJob that involved me driving all over the great state of Massachusetts. In
addition to that we decided to have our house insulated. (Note: as some of you
are probably aware my significant other and I bought a cute little house a
little over a year ago. While installing some new electrical outlets it became
painfully apparent that there was no insulation in the upstairs. Later we
became aware that there was little insulation in the whole house. After one
winter we realized that we had spent about $300 to $400 per month on heat, and
in the summer running an ac unit in only one room increased our monthly
electric bill by $50.)

It’s taken a little over a week to get all the work done by
3 guys wandering about the house, inside and out. We also had a little issue
with the shower and tiles falling off.

Already we’ve noticed a big difference in the temperature of
the house and how often the furnace will come on. On cold nights last year the
furnace would come on and pretty much stay on all night. Now the heat comes on
for a few brief moments each evening. There are also no chilly drafts like
there once were.

So I’ve been pretty much on the run the last few weeks and
weekends. It’s been good though, I’ve met a few good people and my house is
warmer so I can’t complain.

I haven’t made any new books lately but I’ve had enough time
to work in my art journal doing what I’ve taken to calling “life illustrations.”