latest pages

I’ve been hard at work in my art journal. These are  some of my recent pages. Most are in layers. First I toned the pages with a layer of gesso and acrylic. Then I wrote the entry in pencil or sharpie. Then I’d layer over the top of that with more acrylic and gesso. On top of that I may have collaged or sketched out an idea of what I wnted on the page. I would then block out the area with gesso if I wanted bright colors. After that I’d add layers of color, using thick impasto painting. In some cases I’d add some sharpie to outline an image. IN other cases I’d used colored pencil. On a few pages I used watersoluble crayons to tone down the pages or add a glow to an image. If I liked how things were going I’d go over the page with some matte medium, then I’d add a layer or 2 of glaze. I’d set that up with my heat gun and then add a little bit of stamp pad ink, I"d use a brush with a little spay of water and thin that out and move it around. Than finally heat set that and then burnish the page with some wax. BTW SOme of the pictures areadult oriented".

It works for me. HEre are some images, or head to my flickr account to see more pictures.