Sewing Cradles Available Again!!!

In other excellent news. I talked to my Father about the whole sewing cradle thing. My brother really dropped the ball on it. I love the kid and while he’s a bit of a genius in some areas he’s really not in other areas, one of them being customer satisfaction and service. I was told by a fellow bookbinder and BEST member that my brother never got back to her about a sewing cradle, while I was mortified and embarrassed my brother claimed he had gotten back to her. Though somehow I doubt it. So I chatted with my dad, told him about the issue and he said he’d set up shop and make 50 or so of them. The other deal will be that he’ll bring them to me when he comes to visit next, which should be in a month or so. After which I’ll have all the cradles here and I’ll be shipping them.

So starting now, sewing cradles are available again. He’s piecing the 50 together slowly but surely and I’ll have them in my grubby little hands next month. However my Father is much more reliable than my brother and can be trusted to ship them from his farm in Maine. So as of now he has one completely finished and ready to go, I’ll be listing it on etsy in the next few days and then as he makes more I’ll list them too. He’d like to have a few go up on eBay but I’m reluctant to do that. But we’ll see.

So yay for new well built solid pine cradles. I will post about this again as more become available!!!

Price will be $32.99+ $10 shipping (in the US