quick update

Yesterday I spent the evening collating pages with covers. I had spent some time this weekend breaking down a a large quantity of posters from the large 3’x4′ state to small 8.5"x11" cover pieces. It was crazy. I have a stack of covers about a foot high. Yeah it’s a lot of covers. So last night I collated a full ream of paper to a few of the covers, and then clipped them into place. Tonight I hope I’ll have the energy to stitch up a few books.

My boss gave me quite a few really cool posters so I’m hoping to have a few really awesome covers, so far from what I’ve seen they will be very cool. There were a lot of very cool color combinations- pinks and browns, tans and greens, etc… This crop of advertising is lighter and airier than some of the darker and more sedate posters I’ve had in the past.

Last night I trimmed a few I had stitched a couple of weekends ago and I had screwed up on about half of them, not in the trimming aspect but the stitching. I’d had a few issues with my sewing machine. It’s amazing to me how much I abuse the thing but how the relatively simple technology can be fixed easily.